The Charcot Marie Tooth disease

Charcot Marie Tooth is a rare hereditary polyneuropathy consisting of myelin and axonal damage, associated with reduction in nerve conduction velocity. 

The first symptoms are localized in the distal lower limbs, with hypotony of the intrinsic muscles of the foot and subsequent deformity. This leads to reduced balance, pain, cramps and reduced quality of life for these patients. 

Functional surgery has been used for decades to manage ankle and foot deformities. 

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Our contribution the ACMT for statistical analysis and manuscript writing

We are proud to have contributed to the publication of a study on functional surgery in patients with Charcot Marie Tooth, in collaboration with the ACMT-Rete Foundation (Associazione Italiana per la malattia della Charcot Marie Tooth). 

Based on the data collected over the years by dr Irene Carantini PT and by dr Francesco Ferraro MD, we analysed the walking ability (Walking Handicap Scale – WHS) and the level of satisfaction related to the surgery (patient’s Global Impression of Change Scale – pGCI) of patients with Charcot Marie Tooth who underwent surgery at least once in their lifetime between 1967 and 2018. 

Functional surgery and its effects 

The average WHS score proved a functional gait in social contexts with some limitations, demonstrating good maintenance over time. 

Most patients showed high levels of satisfaction, with slight or considerable improvements. 

Moreover, it is worth remembering that surgical techniques have changed over time: whereas in the last century mainly triple arthrodesis of the tibiotarsus was performed, the surgery of the new millennium has introduced procedures that focus more on the soft tissues. This has made it possible to create increasingly specific and tailored interventions, while reducing clinical complications and the need for a second surgery. 

Although the study design did not allow us to draw direct causal conclusions, we were able to report that patients with Charcot Marie Tooth who underwent functional surgery maintained high levels of gait efficiency and satisfaction. This confirms the validity of surgery as a tool for managing foot deformities in this pathology. 

You can read the full article here. 

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