EMG recording in every condition 

Surface EMG and accelerations from the muscle of rally drivers! Modern equipment for the acquisition of the EMG signal and acceleration during movement is provided with an internal memory on which the data is stored. The latter allows long duration acquisitions, which are usually possible even in hostile conditions or during competitive performances. 

Software renovation thanks to rally drivers 

We performed an electromyographic examination on rally drivers to analyse the quality of the generated signal and the artefacts related to sudden movements and abrupt changes of direction of the body segments. In order to obtain better data, we implemented specific tools for handling very long signal recordings, then included in the research tool of the EmgEasyReport© software, designed by MBE. 

Similar studies can be carried out to check the driver’s ergonomics while driving. 

The test provided new and useful information that we have considered in order to further improve our customised software, by implementing its filtering capacity and analysis possibilities. 

The constantly up-to-date software can be requested in the specific area of the site. 

emg easy report
surface EMG and accelerations from the biceps brachii of a car driver during rally